Luxury, EV Bus Could Change The Market

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Copyright © 2019 Neuron EV. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2019 Neuron EV. All rights reserved.

Visionary automotive company Neuron EV is set to bring about significant changes that matter to both people and the environment.

The company is innovating the riding experience with a noiseless and earth-friendly form of mass transportation to transform communities and the transport industry as a whole. It is the latest manifestation of the company's long-term commitment of connecting people, technology, and environment.

The Neuron EV Electric Bus is a new solution for the commercial vehicle industry which provides a pleasurable riding experience that allows you to work, relax, and enjoy getting to your destination. The buses offer a wide variety of spacious layouts with luxurious accommodations and private sleeping quarters that can be reserved via internet.

The luxury bus comes with a social lounge, a cinema integrated entertainment space, sleeping quarters, business working stations and two bathrooms, all made with premium eco-friendly materials. This is because Neuron wanted to create a new mobility experience, one normally had in a modern home, luxury hotel or in a lounge club on a motorized platform.

And as if that's not revolutionary enough, Neuron is also set to completely change the experience of charging stations, with the Renewable Energy Plaza or REP.

It's an inviting technology center for leisure where people can enjoy their time while charging their electric vehicles. It's a self-sustainable energy center that can be connected to other REP's, built to be modular for easy expansion. The Neuron Renewable Energy Plaza is about consolidation, it's a preview of smart city development says Edward Lee, CEO, Neuron EV.

The REP provides energy in various ways: solar panel generated electricity, fuel cell stored electricity, and wireless rapid charging from an electric generator. It can also provide maintenance services and battery swapping.

The center features food, beverage, and entertainment integrated within an engaging virtual shopping mall that offers browsing and transactions conducted through large digital screens with live stream shopping. It has a drone delivery system where people can shop and receive their items with expedited service.

The REP is also an experience center for test driving and learning more about Neuron electric vehicles, with the goal of helping people learn more about environment-friendly technology.

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