The automotive industry is moving to a new marketplace with electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, enhanced ride-sharing, and ever-more interactive vehicles. At Essex we have been helping automakers and Tier 1 suppliers improve the performance of traction motors and alternators with innovative magnet wire products. Our dedicated automotive team works globally with some of the world’s largest OEM’s to deliver the next generation of magnet wire products and then transfer them to their assembly plants around the world. Not limited to electric vehicles, the Essex automotive team can help with starters, braking systems, and various fan, blower, and wiper motors.

  • 1.26M
  • Electric Vehicles Sold Globally
  • 200K
  • New Electric Vehicle Registrations in China
  • 20M
  • Electric cars globally by 2020

Let’s Build Products that Perform Better

Working together, we can help you build more efficient, higher output motors with customized magnet wire products. With the Essex global automotive team by your side, you can reduce design, qualification, and production challenges to reach the market faster. From concept to production, our dedicated team of experts will work with you to design and implement the custom magnet wire products you need.

Typical Automotive Applications
Vehicle Component Recommended Wire Type CU Round Shaped Recommended Essex Wire
1  Electric Traction Motor
2  Belt-driven Starter Generator
Larger profile magnet wire. Denser, more efficient conductor. Available with insulation systems for greater thermal resistance. GP/MR 200®
GP-MR-200® HD
3  Ignition Coil
4  Power Steering System
5  Windshield Wiper Motor
6  Heater/AC Blower Motor
Medium profile magnet wire. Less weight with improved wind-ability.   ALLEX®
GP/MR 200®
GP-MR-200® HD
7  Power Seat Motor
8  Power Window Motor
9  Power Door Lock Motor
10  Power Sunroof Motor
11  Trunk Latch
Smaller profile wire. Enhanced wind-ability for tighter coils.   GP/MR-200®

Copper Insulated Magnet Wire

Product Name Description Thermal Class NEMA Spec Round Shaped
ULTRASHIELD® PLUS Modified Polyester basecoat / Polyamide‑imide topcoat
Uses nano technology
200°C MW 35,
MW 36,
MW 73
GP/MR-200® Modified Polyester basecoat / Polyamide‑imide topcoat 200°C MW 35,
MW 36,
MW 73
GP/MR-200® HD Modified Polyester basecoat / Polyamide‑imide topcoat 200°C MW 36  
GP/MR-EXTRA® Modified Polyester basecoat / Polyamide‑imide topcoat 220°C MW 37,
MW 38,
MW 73
ALLEX® Polyimide 240°C MW 16,
MW 20
SODERON® 180 Polyurethane basecoat / Polyamide topcoat 180°C MW 83  
Bondable Products Choose from multiple basecoat / bondcoat options 155°C to 180°C
Wrapped Conductors Choose from multiple wrapping material options 90°C to 240°C

Propelling Vehicles into the Future

Essex offers the broadest range of magnet wire solutions for electric vehicle manufacturers. And our dedicated, global team is delivering more innovative magnet wire products designed to help automakers deliver the next generation of electrified vehicles.