Is a Texas Start-up Revolutionizing Electric Motors?

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Linear Labs HET motor design increases torque

Linear Labs HET motor design increases torque

Texas start-up, Linear Labs, may have created the greatest leap in electric motor technology in recent -- or even not so recent -- memory with its Hunstable Electric Turbine (HET) system.

The HET platform is described to eliminate the gearbox, while providing more power and torque for the motor. It boasts a claim to push two-to-five times the output as well as twice the power output when compared to similarly scaled models.

Linear Labs claims that it achieved its results by redesigning the motor, fundamentally.

The changes do not appear, on the surface, to be a dramatic advancement but the results speak to a revolutionary adjustment.

It maintains the four rotes and the stator is located inside of its "magnetic torque tunnel" with all sides being of the same polarity. The company said that the alignment allows to keep all magnetic fields in the same direction of the rotational motion. The motor can also deliberately mis-alight its magnetic field for field weakening -- which is actually a good thing because it increases efficiency in the high-speed operation of the motor, allowing for RPMs not to be traded for torque.

The company released a video, which can be viewed here, that also highlights independent researchers.

Dr. Babak Rahimi, of the University of Texas Renewable Energy and Vehicular Technology Lab, said that the advancements were revolutionary.

"This is a major accomplishment but an electric motor which clearly supersedes other commercially available propulsion units," Rahimi said.

The company said that it will work on use the motor in a prototype scooter (?) in 2020 with an automotive prototype being released in 2021.

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