#Solutions - Energy

Magnet wire helps transformers and generators bring power reliably and consistently from the point of production to point of use. At Essex, we offer a broad range of copper and aluminum magnet wire products to meet the energy demands of a changing world. Whether your application is for any source of renewable energy like solar, wind, or hydro or simply to move it from point A to point B, we absolutely love the challenge. Contact us today for your next generator or transformer project.

  • $247B
  • the U.S. Electric bill to its 131M customers
  • $2.1T
  • U.S. Power Sector Investment Needed by 2035
    (according to the International Energy Agency)
  • 40
  • The Average Age of Large Power Transformers
    in the U.S.

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Our greatest resource is the expertise we bring when collaborating on custom solutions for our partners. Essex experts will work with you at every step to ensure we build the best possible products for your applications, from scratch if need be. Contact us to learn more about how we can help overcome your unique challenges.