#About - Leadership

Being a great leader oftentimes means being a great teammate. At Essex, being a leader means working shoulder to shoulder with each employee, customer, supplier, and partner to uphold our legacy of success. Our leaders are on the ground floor, guiding through vision, expert insight, and transparency.


Brian Kim

Chief Executive Officer

David Gray

Chief Financial Officer

Baber Inayat

President, North America Magnet Wire

Frederic Weishaar

President, Europe Magnet Wire

Michael McIlwain

President, Essex Brownell and HI-Wire

Valéry Mercier

President, Global Enamels

Anna Basista

Vice President, Global Human Resources

Xavier Mann

Vice President, Automotive

Matt Leach

Vice President and Principal Innovator

Josh Fennig

Vice President, Asia Pacific Magnet Wire

Jared Rowntree

Managing Director, Malaysia